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FOTD: Everyday Mauve

At times, I feel like I’ve been “uninspired” when it comes to makeup because I rarely ever do any fun looks anymore, with the exception of certain lip colors… but I realized that it doesn’t really matter because I will use my makeup the way I want to use it. If that means yielding boring FOTDs, then so be it! For the record, I really like this FOTD, so there’s that.

A Taste of THREE

One of the Japanese beauty brands I was really keen on trying was THREE. After seeing various posts by Kate, Selphia, and Belly on the eyehadow duos and quads—which, as you all know, are my weakness—I made it my mission to stop by a counter on my trip. By the way, photos from said trip to the land of the rising sun are on my “real” blog, which I use for non-beauty crapola. I ended up getting two THREE Pressed Eye Color Palette Duos, both of which weren’t the ones I intended to get. 02 Love Connection is made of gold peach and red brown. 07 Let the Happiness In is one of the newer duos, consisting of a soft mauve purple and a light brown. The duos are intended to be used in conjunction with each other, as their own shades or layered, creating a “natural three-dimensional impression.” In other words, they are subtle as fuck, but the effect also transforms your eye without anyone really noticing. Which is what I usually like to …