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Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror

I received (jk, I asked for…) the Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror for Christmas. It seems like a weird thing to ask for, I know, but I’d been wanting a circular vanity mirror that lit up for a long, long time. About a month or so into using this (I received and opened it early because I’m a cheater), I’m still on the fence about it, though I’m teetering more on the side of “I’m so glad I got this.” A part of me really, really loves it. The Mini Sensor Mirror has an LED ring light around a circular mirror that lights up with a motion sensor. You can completely turn it off if you want to, and it charges via a USB cable so there’s no need to use wasteful alkaline batteries. I love that it folds into itself and can be tucked into a case for travel. But, sometimes the 10x magnification is a bit too much for me. It’s very useful for reshaping eyebrows, getting rid of stray hairs, and precision …

A (Late) Sephora VIB Haul

Just a small one. I was in Korea when I placed my order, so I didn’t go too crazy because I was hoarding all I could hoard over there. The transit time to Manila is also kinda long, so this post is coming to you pretty late. Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror This is kind of a big ticket item but I’d been hankering for a round mirror with a light for over a year now, and I asked Sarie for this for Christmas… and I guess I opened it early! It runs on a USB charge (which means no batteries) and magnifies 10x. It also folds in on itself and has a case that’s nifty for traveling.