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What’s in my bag? (January 2013)

A short(ish) video—as short as I could make it—on the crap I stuff in my bag. Fun fact: I’ve always wanted to vlog, and tried when I was 19, but it didn’t work out because I’m awkward as heck. Obviously. Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching this hastily-edited video! I would love to see what’s in your bags or purses. 🙂

OOTD: Halloween

HA! The title has misled you, I know. This is not a Halloween costume, obviously. I had to put on a workday-on-Halloween outfit because I had scheduled meetings and work dates on the last day before the long weekend. I made the mistake of wearing this shirt, because I forgot how cleave-y it could be, distracted by how soft it is. However, this scarf (though actually a headband) was one of the better decisions I made that day. Pretty happy that we got to eat Yabu and watch Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay later that horribly sleepy day. Friendly advice, from a person who laughed the second-loudest in the theatre (Evee laughed the loudest): You should catch Lilia Cuntapay before they pull it out of cinemas! If you care: the scandalous top is from Old Navy, the jacket is from Asos, and the scarf is from Chi Chi Dee. I have no bottoms. JK, they are black Zara skinnies, and the Clarks boots from this post. Le face: Guerlain Turandot, NARS Illuminator in …