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Catch Revlon Beauty S.O.S. on ETC’s Etcetera

If you’ve ever needed a beauty life line, Revlon Beauty S.O.S. may be the answer you need. For four weeks, ETC’s Etcetera will be airing short segments on beauty dilemmas, solved by none other than makeup artist and expert Eman de Leon. Get your beauty problems sorted out with the help of Revlon Beauty S.O.S. (which stands for Stand Out Style)! The first episode of Revlon Beauty S.O.S. aired last November 10. The beauty dilemma? Eye makeup for chinitas, or Asian eye shapes. Asian eyes are a little bit tricky to do, since a lot of the information on how-tos and tutorials don’t really apply to smaller, Asian eye shapes. For enhancement and definition, Eman utilized the trusty smoky eye. 🙂 Fun fact, Eman also did the makeup of Etcetera’s host, Patti Grandidge. Check out Etcetera this Sunday at 8:30 PM for the next beauty dilemma on Eman’s list: makeup tips for Girls with Glasses! If you can’t wait for the next episode, check out Eman’s work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Disclaimer: PR post.

Join the Search for Maybelline’s New 8 BB Top Models!

Hello everyone! I came home from my holiday to an interesting box left for me by the Maybelline team. I thought it was just a typical subscription box, but I remembered that I was told there was a “challenge” aspect to it. Naturally, I was intrigued. Upon ripping open the box, I was met with three new base products from Maybelline, as well as a chance for you, yes, you to model for Maybelline New York’s 8-in-1 Clear Smooth BB. Curious? Let me show you how! ABOUT THE COMPETITION Because MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB gives you perfect skin with its 8 healthy benefits, we’re looking for all aspiring models who believe they have what it takes to be one of 8 MAYBELLINE NEW YORK BB Top Models who will represent Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB in a photoshoot and win a P100,000 modeling contract with Ideal People Models. Among the 8 BB Top Models for 2013 are Jessica Yang, Princess Snell, and Bia Corniero. Get a chance to join their ranks! 🙂 HOW TO JOIN …