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Everyday Necklaces

A few months ago, I wrote a post called “Statement Necklaces Confuse Me,” and frankly, they still do. Fortunately for me, I’ve shaken off my tendency to be attracted to them and have been switching around necklaces—one of my accessories of choice—to wear everyday. Here are some of my favorites: Sofie Lunøe — This is a random necklace I found at the ICA in Boston. Sofie Lunøe is a Danish goldsmith and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to get a hold of her stuff online. I was hooked on the stunning geometrical shape at play here that it didn’t even matter that I rarely wear silver jewelry. (I do now.) Double Arrow Necklace by BRVTVS (Of a Kind) — Made in just a batch of 50, this necklace by BRVTVS in collaboration with Of a Kind is still a firm favorite. The pair of open ‘v’s juts out of the circle and sits on top of your collarbones, which adds a lovely effect.

Statement Necklaces Confuse Me

Like, what statement are you making, really? I don’t usually wear statement necklaces, but despite that, I bought 3 (???) a few months ago from this site called Betty & Biddy. Just to give it a try; see if I like it. (I think this is demonstrative also of how dumb I am with my money sometimes.) I found out about them from Girl Friday’s Beauty Blog and bought some necklaces because they honestly didn’t cost that much. I think I might have been feeling uninspired~ about my wardrobe or something. Anyway! I bought them, and I haven’t really worn them out yet, and I’m not sure I will any time soon, because let’s be honest—I don’t know how to wear these things. They’re cute, though. I like this one called Lolita a lot, but again… not sure how/where to wear it. I usually wear small necklaces, but they’re way more expensive than these ones. Anyway. I found out that Betty and Biddy don’t actually make their jewelry, they just source the pieces (confirmed here) …