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Sample Stash Sunday: Ellana Minerals Free Sample Pack

Foundation matching can be a pain in the butt. I know this because, despite my unwarranted love for face bases (and purchasing them), I’m still unsure of what shade I am. The unhelpful-helpful thing I’ve been really good at is determining whether or not a shade is a “match” for me. This happens, of course, after I’ve bought the full size. What led me to this frustrating discovery is when I tried to layer on my Ellana Minerals Loose Powder Foundation in Caramel Latte* to act as a concealer and it ended up looking really wrong–too warm for me, really. I really, really like that product, so I wanted to see if there was a better shade match for me. It’s kind of hard to tell on their website… plus, how do you match your skin tone to a screen cap, right? Luckily, Ellana Minerals offers a free sample pack. I wanted to try their concealers (though, again, was crippled by the affliction of indecision) and the Sheer Velvet HD powder, but I didn’t want …

Favorite Filipino Cosmetics

Happy Independence Day for my fellow Filipinos! 🙂 I thought I’d mention some of my favorite Filipino cosmetics, as a tribute and all. I didn’t have trouble thinking of many—because we have a pretty good range and selection of local cosmetics—but, I’m aware that I don’t have a lot of brand variation. EYES I love the Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay Eyeliners, both the liquid and gel ones! I do find that the tip of the liquid liner, which is a marker felt type, gets gunky and messed up really quickly. For eyeshadow, my top picks are the ones by Fanny Serrano. These ones have been depotted, as you can see. I must remember to wear these more! An affordable option with excellent pigmentation and performance. LIPS My favorite lip options are the Snoe Beauty Rouge Deluxe Lipsticks and—surprise, surprise—the Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturising Lippies. BASE My absolute favorite local foundation is a loose mineral one by Ellana Minerals*! I love this for a very smoothed over, velvety, and …

Poreless Face Base

I shuffle between products, and it’s always a joy to discover new combinations that become solutions to problems I mysteriously always run into. I’ve been trying to use up some products, so the others I have often get neglected. In this iteration of a face base, I chiefly used three products to blur out the pores on my cheeks. After moisturizing my face, I applied the BECCA Resurfacing Primer, which worked out better than I remembered it to in my original review. I then topped it off with a few layers of Ellana Minerals Loose Powder Foundation in Caramel Latte.* After that, I used the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette, mostly Dim Light on the cheek area as well as my forehead, but I used Incandescent Light to highlight and Radiant light on the outer edges of my cheeks. What is your favorite face base concoction right now? * PR Sample. All the products featured in this post are cruelty-free. Follow me: Bloglovin' • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Facebook