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Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette

Turandot is a 4-shadow palette (Écrin 4 Coueleurs Eyeshadow) from Guerlain’s 2012 Holiday Collection, Liu. Named after the Asian heroine Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot, as well as the classic Guerlain scent, Liu explores and visualizes the themes of passion and femininity, tied off with a heavy dose of Orientalism. Because I might as well be a grubby little mole hermit, I went on to Nordstrom and ordered a palette for myself. It’s easily the most I’ve spent on a quad, alas, it was too pretty to pass up. Also, I didn’t know if this would hit Manila shores. The SA I talked to when I went to get my météorites said that it would be a while before it was available here. Thankfully, the shades are easily worn, and I do intend to wear the frak out of this palette. (When I checked Nordstrom for a specific link, I couldn’t find it anymore, so I guess I made the right call. No? Oh, okay.) Turandot features a light yellow-orangey gold (good for a base, highlighting and …

FOTD: Guerlain Turandot

I wanted to take my eyeshadow palette from Guerlain’s Holiday 2012 collection out for a spin, so I put it on last minute. I was just tailing something like a press conference before Kent Williams’ exhibit at Blanc in Peninsula Manila. Naturally, I didn’t want to look too made up, so the colors of Guerlain’s Turandot Eyeshadow Palette seemed like a perfect fit. FOTD: Guerlain Turandot, Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Liner in Sepia Ink, MAC Jubilee Kent Williams is amazing. Here is chinny me, appreciating one of my favorite works on display, which happens to be a painted sketch. I have a love affair with these shoes (Clarks Desert Grace). Matching outfit with Nicky. With fellow fangirl, Val! With Sarie (who took all of these photos) and Kent Williams (!). Anyway, I quite like this palette. I’ll review it soon!