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Verikos Choc Choc Tint in Amanda Pink*

I remember the only makeup my classmates ever bothered with back in high school was a slick of eyeliner and a swipe of a lip and cheek tint. These were super fuss-free makeup essentials then, since you can just put it on in the morning and go about your day, thinking about other things instead. You know, typical high school concerns. Ain’t nobody got time to think of lipstick! (I also went to a Catholic school where we were not allowed to wear makeup. So we went for Kool Aid lips instead.) The Verikos Choc Choc Tint* (which I got in Amanda Pink!) comes in a sleek black tube and minimalist type on the side, for which I am a sucker. It promises lip gloss + lip tint, vivid color, and excellent endurance. With a doe-foot applicator, you can apply it with ease.

Counter Swatch: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

These babies caught my eye while I was browsing Watsons with my mom last Sunday. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are like little chubby crayons, much different from their previous lip stain line, which were more like felt-tip markers. I swatched all the available shades there, but didn’t bother to look at the names, but I am quite certain these are the names, L-R by row: (1) Rendezvous, Smitten, (2) Darling, Sweetheart, (3) Charm, Precious, (4) Cherish, Lovesick. I’ll check again, though. These are heavyweight stains. After swatching, I went around stores looking at clothes (of course, careful not to stain them), and they didn’t budge. The gloss wore away pretty quickly, but the colors stayed put. I had to wipe these off to swatch some Shu Uemura items, and there were a few leftover stains, particularly from the two bottom shades. The product’s name—Kissable—has just been brought to light. One thing I like about these are that they are retractable—no sharpening and (in theory) no wasted product! The formulation is oddly creamy for …