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Victorian Disco FOTD: Dashing Doctor, Spacey Wacey and Mollywobbles

The sheer amount of indie samples I have amassed is kind of really scary. Actually more ridiculous, but let’s go with scary. I’ve decided to actively use up some of the samples. My eye base is MAC Paint Pot in Painterly with a sheer, sheer layer of the Oslo Cosmetics Eye Bond Primer Wand over it. For this look, I used some of my Victorian Disco shadows! I’ve got Dashing Doctor on the lids with Spacey Wacey on the outer corners, and a rather pretty coral called Mollywobbles on the lower lash line. Standard black liquid liner on my upper lash line. Quite unsure of what my blush color is here (pretty sure it might be Illamasqua’s Cream Blusher in Dixie?) but the lip is MAC’s Rebel, which is a new discovery/revelation for me. And that’s that! I’ve been trying to wear more colors on my eyes lately, and I think I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Follow me: Bloglovin' • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Facebook

Victorian Disco Swatchfest

Ahem, a haul/swatch post. We gotta stop meeting like this. This Victorian Disco order was made back in January. I just got a hold of them last week, oy vey! I took advantage of the “blogger pack” and ordered two to save on shipping. Each pack comes with a mini jar, and 6 samples, I think. I was kindly given two samples by Ashley! Yay! Here are the samples I got. I had ordered Why Does It Have to Be Dragons?, so I have an extra sample. It’s a beautiful rich chocolate brown with some sparkles and slight red tones. Water Siblings is beautiful and I’m glad to have been sent it because I wouldn’t have gotten it myself. It’s a bright pink with a strong violet sheen. In Training is a beautiful cool blackened eggplant shade with a sheen and some silver sparks. Dalek Disco is a toasted brown shot with gold. Spacey Wacey is TARDIS blue with minimal sheen but a smattering of multi-colored sparks. Aura is a really pale pink that’s kind …

Hello Waffle Cosmetics: The Tangled/Persinette Collection

I first heard of Hello Waffle Cosmetics from the subreddit, Indiemakeupandmore. The owner, Christine, is a user there and was offering a blogger discount since she was just setting up her shop. I bought a sampler pack of the Tangled collection (now renamed The Persinette Collection), as well as a tinted lip balm (Crookshanks, renamed Ginger Kitties). Christine gave me a sample of Polyp as well, which I found to be extremely generous. 🙂 But, for now, I will focus on the eyeshadows. I honestly didn’t realize that there were a total of sixteen shades in this collection. I’ve swatched them in two parts, in the order that they were packed.

Notoriously Morbid Beauty Blogger Package & Then Some

One of the stragglers from my indie makeup frenzy back in January. I was able to retrieve this package when I got back from my trip, which was late March. Currently, I think I have most of my orders from that time. I’m just missing one package from Victorian Disco, which I hope to get soon. I availed of the Beauty Blogger Package (5 samples + 1 mini jar) and got myself a few other samples, too. NM included a few free samples and a Jolly Rancher pink lemonade lollipop. It was delicious.