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Sulfate-Free Shampoo

I know it’s not the most exciting topic, but I think I’ve spoken about scalp problems before, and to be honest, the only thing that really helped me get rid of them were sulfate-free shampoos. I used to not really pay much attention to hair products, as long as I liked how they smelled, but when I started getting really itchy build-up with worrisome patches of dry, flaky skin, I started to take notice. My first step was to ditch conditioner, just to eliminate the number of products (and therefore, lessen the build-up) I used in my hair. My hair suffered a little, but my main concern was really to get rid of my scalp issues. My next step was to go more natural and pay attention to ingredients. I chose to eliminate SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate, as it’s a common ingredient that has been known to cause some problems for a lot of people. As it turns out, seeking out sulfate-free shampoos was the right step for me. Although I still have occasional …

5 Things Friday: Cleansers on Rotation

Does anyone else enjoy rotating “regular” products? I assume this is the reason why I haven’t been able to gather enough empties at one time for a video. I like variety and I like using different products instead of sticking to one—and this is the reason for my failed minimalist dreams. Ahem. Here are five cleansers currently in my rotation right now. I’m lucky that my skin kind of bounces back from tantrums really quickly, but if yours tends to need a bit of time to regulate and recalibrate itself, I would advise against using different cleansers at one time.

Oil Love You

HEH, sorry about the title. Today’s post is about facial oils! I’ve been using them for about six months or so, and I just wanted to sort of talk about what I have and when I like to use them. If you’ve been curious about these oils, read on!

Quick Summer Skin Care Routine

Here’s my super stripped-down Summer Skin Care Routine, when I’m feeling lazy. Which is to say these are non-negotiables following the mantra of the skin-care conscious: cleanse, tone, moisturize. The skin care “essentials” have evolved since then, involving eye creams, essences, serums, and whatever else people cook up, but this is what I’m going with. CLEANSE My facial wash of choice is the Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wash, which is for normal or sensitive skin. I’m on my second bottle. I used to use the Moisturizing one (with moringa extract, I think) for dry skin, and that worked better for me, but it smelled like crap, so I’m on this one. And it works well enough! TONE My toner du jour! Or of the past few weeks. I love this stuff. It’s magical. Ahem. The LUSH Tea Tree Water is something I’ve been going back and forth on purchasing until I finally gave in and got it. I had a breakdown in LUSH because I didn’t want to buy anymore makeup. LOL, my logic. It …

5 Things Friday: Natural Skin Care

This week’s 5 Things Friday features some skin care items on the more natural side of things. By ‘natural,’ I just mean that they are made from relatively a few ingredients that are easily derived from nature. Kinda like a DIY, except someone else did it for me and repackaged them in a convenient(ish) manner. I know there isn’t a lot of variety here, but I think it’s a good place to start!

State of Skin: Skin Care Routine Update

Hey everyone! To start the year off (my Inglot post was scheduled prematurely, lol), I wanted to do a bit of a basics series. Let me begin with skin. 🙂 This is what my freshly-washed face looks like in the morning. I’ve had pretty good luck with skin and breakouts for the duration of my life—I’ve maybe had 10 really bad pimples in 25 years—aside from allergies, etc. When I started wearing makeup, I started getting problems. I didn’t use to wash my face; I only washed it when I remembered to. In the shower. So, adding gunk was particularly problematic. I had great luck with shu uemura’s cleansing oils (I used the yellow variant/balancing one), but it’s expensive + not cruelty-free, which is weird to say because I’m not sure if the ff. items are CF, but bear with me!