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3CE Gel Eye Liner

Super Fave: 3CE Gel Eye Liners

Hey, all! I thought I’d surprise you guys with a post dipping into my Korea shappeeeen disaster haul starting with these beautiful gel liners from Stylenanda’s cosmetics arm, 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes. (Speaking of hauls, is that something you’d be interested in seeing? I’m thinking of filming a video, but I’m not sure if people are into that. Let me know!) I recently called 3CE (or 3 Concept Eyes) my happy place and this is a preview of why that is. I had to tear myself away from Seoul because I wanted to buy all of the 3CE Gel Eye Liners (among other things…), and I’m a little proud of myself for settling on just two.

Stylenanda 3CE Gel Eyeliner in #L.O.V.E.*

I saved the best for last! Which is weird because I never thought I’d be so smitten with a red gel eyeliner, but here we are. Anyway, the product in question is the 3CE Gel Eyeliner in #L.O.V.E.. 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes is the makeup arm of Korean fashion brand, Stylenanda. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out 4 items from this awesome, mid-range brand so far, and I’m in love with all of them! This gel liner is super creamy and is pretty much a dream to work with since the color glides on so smoothly on your lids and is so opaque in just one swipe. The pot of product, which is housed in frosted glass, comes with a super nifty liner brush (flat and somewhat tapered) which is what I used to apply it. You can use it to apply broad strokes or thinner ones, depending on which side you use. As you can see from these swatches, the product is ultra creamy and is super pigmented. All of these swatches …