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5 Things Friday: How to Do a Duo

Eye shadow duos are sort of the “no brainer” option in Makeup Land. The colours are pre-picked for you, and if you’re like me, you would intuitively place the lighter shade of the duo on the lid and then add the darker shade on the outer “v” of your eye. Et voilà—depth and complexity! Of course, not all duos are created equal. There are some that are not so easy to use and some combinations that look pretty together, but don’t make sense when used in the aforementioned way. Here are a few ways you can play around with a duo that has stumped you.

The Perfect Neutral Eye with a Pop: NARS Duo in Grand Palais

I wasn’t going to get this particular duo, but it caught my eye. I was lemming for Charade for the longest time, but found that it didn’t swatch very well on my skintone and I feared it would look a little flat. So, I ended up choosing between this, Grand Palais, and Kuala Lumpur, which is somewhat similar but had two shimmery shades. Robbie, the SA, said this was a better option and you know me, I am very easy to convince. The two colors in this duo are a “silver taupe” and a “dusty rose.” The reason why I chose this over Kuala Lumpur, which I was instantly attracted to, is because of the finishes. The silver taupe shade has a slight sheen to it, nothing overly shimmery, and the dusty rose shade is a full-on matte. This is pretty much a full eye look right here, which is what duos are supposed to be for, right? Here are two colors from the duo, as well as a swatch where I have them blended …