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April Favorites

April favorites time! I thought I didn’t have “enough,” but as you can see… I have quite a bit to share. I think it has to do with no favorite lip product, but I just didn’t love any one lip color enough this month to call it a favorite. As you can see in a bit, I had a really great eye makeup month. Skin Care Indie Lee Squalane Oil — Although I used some moisturizers here and there for the month of April, I relied heavily on this oil. I honestly don’t have any complaints about it. It’s sufficiently hydrating, doesn’t grease up (which counts for a lot when you live where I live), keeps my skin in check, and it doesn’t smell like anything. You know how products are called “unscented,” and it just means no perfume was added, so it still kind of smells like crap? This. Smells. Like. Nothing. A++++ repurchased forever. Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream* — This is essentially a GWP hand cream from Cure, but I feel like …

K-Palette Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil*

I love getting to try new K-Palette products because they’re always good. I always go on to try other liquid liners and eyebrow products, but I always go back to K-Palette. I’ve been mostly using the 24H Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liner in G101* since July (!!!) and it’s only now that the marker end is drying out. Granted, I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do, I always put on dem brows. I’ve never encountered the K-Palette Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencils* before, but they’re a welcome addition to my brow arsenal, especially now that I have a strong, strong desire to try out the pencils from Hourglass and Anastasia. Crisis averted! For now.