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Basic Eye Diagram & My Go-To Eyeshadow Technique

I used to teach part-time, and I find that it makes more sense to talk about history first. However, I haven’t exactly finished writing that post. Heh. So, for this day of this September Special, I wanted to share a basic “eye diagram” to sort of help you follow tutorials if you find them a little hard to do. I’m also going to post about my go-to technique for eyeshadow application, which was what I basically used when I was still exploring eye makeup. I just used to interchange the colors. 🙂 BASIC EYE DIAGRAM Obviously, there may be some differences with how each person refers to these “parts” of the eye, but this is how I usually follow tutorials and explain eye makeup to people. — Brow bone: protrusion just under your eyebrow. Usually enhanced by a light eyeshadow. — Mobile lid: part of the eyelid that “moves” when you blink. The part under your crease. — Crease: the fold of the eye. — Upper lash line: where your eyelashes grow on the upper …

September’s Softly Special: All About the Eyes

Hey everyone! For the month of September, which is my birth month, I wanted to do something special. While I like reviewing products for you guys, I do also enjoy challenges and series, just because I think that these things help make a blog more interesting. I’ve done challenges, like Mineral Madness, as well as a few series(es?), like Nosy Beauty and Made-Up History, but I wanted to do something on a bigger scale for September. I figured that since I loved doing my eyes the best, I’d talk a bit more about eye makeup! I was very tempted to do a pure eyeshadow month, but then I thought that that might be a bit too much for everyone, so I expanded it to eye makeup in general with a favorable slant to eyeshadow, light of my life, fire of my loins. So, just to kick things off, let me start by talking a bit about the little duo that started it all, bareMinerals’ The Scenic Route: I remember buying this from a Sephora at …

September’s Softly Special: All About the Eyes (Master List of Posts)

Here is a master list of eye posts made in September 2013, during Softly Sometimes’ special eye makeup month. This will be updated as the posts go up, so do check back every so often. 🙂 WEEK ONE 1: Introduction 2: Basic Eye Diagram & My Go-To Eyeshadow Technique 3: Eye Basics: Get to Know Your Eye Brushes 4: REVIEW: Maybelline Eye Studio LuminEyes in Grey & Khaki 5: 1 Quad, 6 Looks feat. bareMinerals READY 4.0 in “The Happy Place” 6: Brow Maintenance: Products 7: Top 5 Eyeshadow Brands (Cruelty-Free)