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One Week Naked 3: 5 Day Looks

I decided to do the One Week Series with the newest Urban Decay Naked iteration, the Naked 3. I declared my love for this palette way before I even got my hands on it, because I’m stupid. And also, right! This is, by far, my favorite ‘Naked’. I always seem stumped when I try to make looks with it, gravitating to my favorite shades, but even if I feel a little clueless at first, the looks always turn out well. (In my opinion anyway. Ha.) The Naked 3 has rose-toned neutrals, making it the softest and most romantic palette of all the Naked offerings. There is also kind of a subtle contrast when it comes to the shades, so the transitions can be quite soft and really gradual between most of them. As an extra bit of “challenge,” I decided to make 5 looks using all of the different shades, so you can see the versatility of this palette. Don’t you find that there is always at least one color you never reach for? Well, …

Haircut + some FOTDs

Hello! I just wanted to share my haircut with y’all. I got a haircut last Saturday and it’s pretty different from my usual lump of hair—I got bangs and layers! :0 As it happens, I have a bunch of reviews and posts queued up here so you might see some old Carina haircut photos popping up here and there. BUT here is my head as of now: