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MAKE Calypso Palette - Birchbox Exclusive

MAKE Colour Calypso Palette

The Calypso Palette by MAKE Colour is a Birchbox-exclusive and a purchase I’d been contemplating for a long-ish time before giving in. I bought it as part of the Limited Edition Vanity Affair box, which I posted about here, but it’s available on Birchbox by itself for $40. Unlike all the other MAKE palettes which combines eyeshadows and lipsticks, Calypso‘s an eight-pan eyeshadow palette with a cool-toned, blue-leaning selection, mixed with a bit of warmth and some neutrals. The first half (left side) of the pan has Alabaster, which is a really sparkly off-white shade and is present in the Aether* palette (review) and Bentonite Clay, which is a satin bone shade in the top row. The bottom row has Great Lakes, which is a cool medium grey with a bit of a periwinkle slant to it, and Woad, a deep dark indigo that’s also found in the New Medieval palette (review). The second half (right side) of the pan has Aquamarine, which is basically a bright aquamarine, and Star Anise, a muted copper with …

Birchbox - Vanity Affair

Picking Apart Birchbox’s Limited Edition Vanity Affair Box

‘Cause that’s how I roll. I mainly wanted this Birchbox Vanity Affair Box ($98) because it had a Birchbox-exclusive MAKE Colour palette called Calypso that had eight eyeshadows (!) which I don’t believe has happened yet. They usually have a lip color mixed in with the shadows. Anyway, the palette itself ($40) is available on Birchbox, but I was interested in a lot of the items in the Vanity Affair box, too. After a lot of deliberation (like weeks, OK?), I gave in. I figured I could pick the box apart and give some items as gifts. So, this post isn’t technically an unboxing, since this is an incomplete box. I set aside three items for gifts: the Maison Caulières Perfumed Bath Oil (which sounds awesome but I don’t have a tub), the Stephanie Johnson Tinseltown Jewelry Tray (which I know someone else will enjoy more), and the TOCCA Eau de Parfum Margaux (which I think my grandma will like a lot).