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COMELYCO 95% Aloe Gel Tub

BNTGirls Review: Comelyco Jeju Organic 95% Aloe Gel*

Hey everyone! This may be the last wave of BNT Girls reviews for a while, so get ready! I picked this product to review first as it is one that I’m most familiar with. I didn’t realize how much of a staple aloe is to Koreans until I stepped foot in Myeongdong and saw shop after shop selling tubs of this stuff. The Comelyco Jeju Organic 95% Aloe Gel is one of the many iterations of aloe gel out in the Korean market, but it also has a very high concentration of aloe with only 5% of it made from other ingredients. (The Nature Republic aloe gel I have is only made of 92%.) For the uninitiated, aloe is a plant that many have used for its moisturizing properties. It can also be ingested. I personally like having aloe with my fresh teas instead of boba or tapioca pearls. The benefits of aloe feels like a laundry list, but most are related to moisture and hydration, as well as soothing irritated skin. I’ve mentioned that …