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Hallelujah! The Leaders AC-Free Spot Patch* Came at the Right Time

I’ve been breaking out lately and I know it’s because I sleep so late. Aside from germs and food intake, emotional stress and fatigue can cause your skin to break out into cystic horrors. My worst ones always happen around my nose area. I literally have nothing to blame except my 4a.m. bedtime, and I have been looking for a more advanced treatment for my breakouts, instead of my usual tea tree oil fare. Inside the BNT Box is the Leaders AC-Free Spot Patch*, which are spot treatment stickers that contain salicylic acid and tea tree oil to target blemishes. Inside the pack are 50 individual patches in two different sizes, divided into 5 foil packets with 10 patches a sheet. You need to leave the patch on the affected area for 8-12 hours after cleansing. This is great to keep treatment on the skin while sleeping or working. The patches are transparent, so it’s not very conspicuous.

Tips & Tricks: Zap That Zit with Tea Tree Oil!

I grew up pretty zit-free, so whenever I got the occasional pimple, I just had to wait it out for a bit and it would disappear. As I got older, my face got oilier, and the zits now came in twos and threes. This year, I found the magic solution—a natural spot treatment that was just under my nose all these years! Presenting—The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil! Sarie said this got rid of pimples, and I’ve tried it on the first blemish sightings and away they go. Bigger, pus-filled (sorry) pimples are harder to get rid of with this, but it helps dry those out, too. I’ve noticed it’s best used on the beginnings of a pimple and blemishes. Tea tree oil is a byproduct of the distillation of Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, a plant native to Australia. It has had a long aboriginal history of healing wounds and cuts. There are various other uses for tea tree oil, including getting rid of athlete’s foot. Here is a list I got from Care2, on the …