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Nosy Beauty Vol. 24: Joanne

Hey everyone. Apologies if this week's Nosy Beauty is a day late. I have no excuses other than I forgot to take care of it during the week. January is incredibly hectic, so I hope you all understand. 🙂 Anyway, this week, I have another fellow BNTGirl on the chopping block, Joanne! She is also Filipino, but is based in the US, and blogs over at Ur Happy Bunnie. 🙂 • I’m Joanne and I’m admittedly a makeup junkie. I’m a BS Nursing graduate procrastinating to take my NCLEX. In between reviewing for my exam, working part time and enjoying my Korean dramas and Kpop, I’m a beauty blogger – Urhappybunnie. I currently live Jersey City, very accessible to New York but I hail from the City of Smiles, Bacolod, Philippines.

Nosy Beauty Vol. 23: Delia

Hi everyone! Sorry for missing last week’s Nosy Beauty post. I didn’t even realize it was a Saturday until I was in the mountains and too late to even queue the post. New Resolution: Pay attention. HEH! Anyway, this week’s guest of honor ’round these parts is Delia, from Shimmery Black. She’s an amazing girl who comes up with some of the most stunning eye looks. She’s definitely one of my favorite beauty bloggers. • My name is Delia, I’m 18 and I’m currently a student (oh, the horror). I love nature, art and, besides blogging at Shimmery Black, I sometimes do photography. Regarding my beauty philosophy, I think make-up should be most importantly effective and not essentially obvious. For instance, a thin black line right at the base of the lashes is more flattering than painting your whole lid with liquid liner (which I’ve actually seen on some girls).

Nosy Beauty Vol. 22: Sunny

Happy Saturday everyone! You know what that means: Nosy Beauty! 🙂 Every Saturday, I ask someone to turn over their makeup bags and inspect their daily necessities. Today, we have Sunny, one of my favorite bloggers. She runs Mostly Sunny from beautiful Belgium, and it’s one of my go-to places for reviews on higher end makeup products. Let’s take a peek into her makeup bag, shall we? Sunny: I am a full time cat mama and translator by day!

Nosy Beauty Vol. 21: Mariana

I forgot how I found Mariana, I think I might just have been starting out on my blog then. But I was instantly drawn to her type of blog and style of makeup. Reading The Beauty Bee, I really admired how laidback her it was, but still remained informative. She’s a bit busy these days (read on to figure out why) but I always look forward to her posts. Funnily enough, she is also a member of bntgirls, like me, and Kine and Alene, both of whom I’ve featured on Nosy Beauty before. 😀 Here’s a little peek at her everyday essentials. 🙂 Hello! My name is Mariana and I’m a full-time student at the Ateneo Law School. When I’m not studying, I’m usually still reading (mostly fantasy fic) or trying out new restaurants with the boyfriend. I love animals (most especially horses and dogs) and I love being outdoors, though I’ve lived in a city all my life. Makeup is something I’ve always been interested in, but it’s only in the last few years …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 20: Kine

Time for another edition Nosy Beauty, which is my ongoing series of Makeup Bags I Look Into. 🙂 Today’s victim subject is Kine of Kim Kine. I met her through bntgirls, as she is part of my batch as well. 🙂 Hi everyone, my name is Kimberley but on the internet I go by Kine. I’m a full time (5 days a week!) university student studying to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and I also work part time as a receptionist. Some fun facts- I have a few beauty pageant titles under my belt, a blue belt black tip in karate and 57 trophies won from dancing competitions. In my little spare time I pursue my many varied interests, some of these include fantasy books, Les Miserables the musical, documentaries, lactose and gluten free cooking and of course, blogging! My blog is a mish mash of life snippets, I blog about anything and everything that takes my fancy. My interest in beauty started when I was around 12 years old when I was a competitive …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 19: Maria

Hello and welcome to this week’s Nosy Beauty! Today, we have Maria, who is one of the most talented makeup people here on WordPress. Her eye looks are always so creative and elaborate. 🙂 She actually recently made a 3 Product Face, though managed to look stunning, still. 🙂 As you know, my name is Maria and I blog at . I am a med school student in my fifth year and that takes 80% of my time, but I do find moments to blog and talk about what beauty products I use. I also enjoy reading other people’s blogs and I tend to fall asleep doing so nearly every night. I am interested in all things beauty, especially makeup, as I find it makes me look and feel like a whole new person when wearing it, and the best thing is you can look different every time your wear it. I love colours, they make my every day better and that’s why I try to wear them on my eyes as often as …

Nosy Beauty Vol. 18: Alene

On this week’s edition of Nosy Beauty, I have none other than Alene of Paper Kitties. I found Alene’s blog through the bntgirls network, set up by bnt news. We were part of the same batch. 🙂 Paper Kitties is full of posts about beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Hi everyone, my name is Alene! Whilst I work as a full time Accountant in Singapore, I take great joy in being a part-time lifestyle and beauty blogger 🙂 I suppose you can say that this is where I get to destress from work and do something I absolutely love. I am also an instagram addict (follow me at Paperkitties) who loves posting snapshots of my daily life. Travelling and experimenting skincare products are my favourite so I reckon these two topics tend to be written much more passionately than the others. In June 2013, I was announced as the Laneige Ambassador for Singapore and it had since opened doors of opportunity for me that I can’t be more grateful of! “Less is more” has always been …