Month: January 2014

Swatchfest and First Impressions: Oslo Cosmetics

No joke. Every time I see a new purchase I receive in the mail, The National plays in my head: “Oh you’ve done it again, Virginia…” Except my name is Carina but I think I get the point. Anyway. This is a second order I placed for Oslo Cosmetics mid-December. It got shipped out on the 31st and I only got it today. Welcome to International Shipping! This time, my order is much smaller. I got 5 eyeshadows, a lip slick, an eye primer thing, and a blush sampler. I got a sample of a blush for free. Here us everything, swatched, but of course, I’ll talk a bit about each thing I bought. As you can see, I am the world champion at sucking at swatches. Swatched, L-R: Voltanis, Winter is Coming, Lux, Andromeda, Asterism eyeshadows, Hibiscus Lip Slick, Sextens, Equillus, Caille, Indi, Gemini, and Pictor blushes. Voltanis is a kind of a patina’d gold that’s pretty frosty as a finish. It’s described as a “Smoldering, metallic, deep primal gold.” It’s quite pretty and …

One Week Naked 2: Day 2

Hey all! Just a quick post right now. I’m actually about to get to work but I’m doing this challenge/series with Natalie and we both agreed to get our posts out at 12 noon everyday… so here I am, trying hard to do that. As you can see, my hair is still wet. For today, I just wanted something simple and warm-ish, so I used Suspect all over the lid, blended out with Tease at the crease. For outer corner depth, I added a bit of Snakebite, which I brought down to the outer half of my lower lash line as well. You guys seem to like it when I line my eyes, so I used a little bit of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Twice Baked on my upper lash line and lower waterline (outer half). I curled my lashes and was done. 😀 Super easy, super simple, and maybe a little boring. I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy “rediscovering” how great a lid wash Suspect is. 🙂 Face: AHAVA Essential …

One Week Naked 2: Day 1

Yay! My Urban Decay Naked One Week Series wrapped up the other day. 🙂 If you’re new, the One Week Series as I’ve dubbed it is a week-long series with looks using a single palette. I don’t know how long I’ll be doing this, as I have a lot of LE palettes, but let’s see! Anyway, for the meantime, I thought I’d carry over the series to another less-utilized palette in my possession: the Urban Decay Naked 2. I’ve said quite a lot of times that I prefer the Naked 2, but I thought I’d show you some looks with this palette, to kind of demonstrate why I feel like it’s much more versatile than the original Naked palette. I think Natalie is doing this along with me. 🙂 Be sure to check out her blog sometime today or this week! This is a pretty simple eye look! I really like it, even though I just made it up for this post. I’ve got Bootycall all over the lid over a MAC Paint Pot (Painterly), …

Quick-ish Beauty Update: Confessions

Hey, everyone! Just a quick beauty~ update here, as we approach the end of the first month of the year. I don’t really “check in” and update very often when it comes to my makeup affairs—I just post looks and reviews and stuff and not a lot of “thinky” reflective things—but I’ve been having a hard time sticking to my resolutions and have been breaking a few of them. Yes, this early! Anyway, I got to the bottom of things, of this mysterious situation I’m in that should really have been something I figured out right away because it’s so damn obvious: I’m a compulsive beauty shopper.

One Week Naked: Day 6

A super simple look for today’s Naked experiment. Blended Naked softly into the crease. Added Busted to the outer third of the mobile lid. Pat on Virgin on the rest of the lid. Darkened the outer crease with Buck. Lined my upper lash line with Creep and smudged it out. Curl lashes. Face: y.e.t Cosmetics Fill it Up Primer, Ellana Minerals Loose Foundation in Caramel Latte Eyebrows: The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in 02 Blush: MAC Powder Blush in Ambering Rose and Springsheen Lips: MAC Creamsheen Lipstick in Ravishing Hope you like it! I’m having a bit of a sick day today, but I wanted to play a little bit more with this palette. 🙂 I think it’s close to no makeup makeup look that is perfect for bright colored lips or cheeks. Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone! Follow me: Bloglovin' • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Facebook

Nosy Beauty Vol. 26: Laala

Hey everyone! Today’s Nosy Beauty victim is Laala from Intermittent Makeup. I actually got to know her through Tumblr first; she was friends with one of my friends and we all liked books. 🙂 She’s a poet with great taste in both books and makeup. Hope you all enjoy! I’m quite laid back when it comes to makeup. Between the ages of 10 to about 13 I went through a phase where I’d constantly be sitting front of my vanity trying on different coloured eyeshadows (my personal favourite was a bright yellow hue). My mum would give me some bits she didn’t want, and I used to spend my pocket money picking up cheap stuff I could afford.