I got a request for a graduation makeup look, so here’s an attempt. Just a disclaimer: I don’t think I wore a lick of makeup on my graduation day from uni, which was over four years ago. Here are some photos, to humor y’all. (I… Read More

Brows 2


I think I’ve already expressed my brow frustration many times on this blog. When I try extra hard, I usually overdo them, resulting in a not-so-attractive troll face. I have a naturally unfriendly face, and if I sketch my brows into a perma-furrow, then people… Read More

NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette - Pans

One Week NARSissist: 5 Looks

Reviving my “One Week Series,” which I have done only twice before, using the Urban Decay Naked and Urban Decay Naked 2 palettes. In case it isn’t obvious yet, I will use an eyeshadow palette for five days, and the looks that I come up… Read More

Spring Picks


Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday/420! You know, whatever you celebrate. I’m switching up my makeup for Spring (even though it’s decidedly summer over here), and I can’t help but reach for my pastels. It’s not that I look particularly good in them—on the contrary, some pastels can… Read More

MUJI bits

MUJI Bits I picked up last month

The MUJI beauty corner is a place I’ve always wanted to explore but never quite did. I was under the impression that they are cruelty-free, but when I went to Google and double-check, I couldn’t find my source anymore and the top hit was my… Read More

BDJ Box - April - Pixy - Inside

Some Pixy Picks*

Not too long ago, BDJ Box released a Pixy exclusive and it was chock-full of Pixy products. Pixy—with a 'y'—is a new Indonesian brand that's set to grace Philippine drugstores soon. It is fairly cheap, so I was obviously curious about the quality of these… Read More


Beauty Boo-boo: NARS + Washi

It finally happened. The rubbery texture of one of my NARS compacts has finally melted off. I was waiting for it, and one of them started to succumb to this unholy heat. Granted, it was my first ever NARS purchase, and I wish I could… Read More