Lip Product Addict Tag

The Lip Product Addict Tag

I am, by no means, a lip product addict… but I do like doing fun tags every once in a while. I have an okay relationship with lip products. I mean, they’re alright to hang out with and whip out and stuff, but I have… Read More

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Nosy Beauty Vol. 32: Cj

Hey everyone! Joining us for Nosy Beauty today is Cj. I’ve known of Cj from her infamous commercials as a child prodigy, but I re-encountered her in my adult life when I found out she was working at the same advertising agency as my college… Read More

Flower Beauty - Ginger Lily - Case

FOTD: Ginger Lily

A quick Face of the Day using a long-forgotten love—my Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes! I have the 2012 version, and it was my first big palette purchase and I fell in absolute love with it. To Me, You Are Perfect kind of level.… Read More


The Nose Knows

Until quite recently, I hadn’t been particular about perfumes and colognes since I was in high school. I started wearing scents regularly when I was in the fourth or fifth grade, with my choices being increasingly masculine until I began wearing more feminine and fresh… Read More